Ukrainian innovative manufacturer of highly dispersed mineral fillers from natural marble

Innovative production

Wide product range

Calcium carbonate content in the product ˃ 99%

In time

Individual partnership conditions

The company LLC “Renta-Prim” is the first in Ukraine innovative manufacturer of highly dispersed mineral fillers from natural marble TM NEOCARB.

Our production is a complex of advanced technological solutions from a world-renowned German manufacturer.

Technological equipment of production guarantees:
* consistently high quality
* strict adherence to delivery times
* great service

The production facilities of LLC “Renta-Prim” will provide any volume of orders for finely dispersed calcium carbonate and marble chips in exact terms.

The laboratory is equipped with modern high-precision equipment, which allows for quality control of products in accordance with international quality standards.
An experienced team of professionals conducts systemic research of mineral fillers in various fields of application, which allows us to improve the technology, meeting the demanding needs of our partners.

The raw material base of the company is a material with a high level of whiteness and calcium carbonate content with a minimum amount of foreign impurities.
Also, one of the key features of our raw materials is their natural origin – we use exclusively clean and environmentally friendly marble filler.


LLC “Renta-Prim” offers the widest range of surface-treated and untreated microcalcite, as well as marble chips. All products have a very high calcium carbonate content> 99% and an increased whiteness level> 98%.



The LLC “Renta-Prim” company is open to all partners. One of the basic principles of work is to provide full service. We guarantee high quality of the product, compliance with standard conditions, and most importantly, delivery times and an individual approach to solving complex issues. The production is fully equipped with the equipment of world famous companies. All business processes are built in such a way that the quality of the product is stable, and the shipments are made on time.

Since 2021, Renta-Prim LLC has been the exclusive distributor of titanium dioxide TM Kronos in Ukraine.

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Environmentally pure product of natural origin

High quality and stability due to the use of advanced technological solutions

New generation equipment from a leading manufacturer with a world name

Modern equipped laboratory. Full control of physical and chemical indicators of raw materials and finished products

Direct interaction with the consumer. Possibility of producing a product according to the needs of the client.



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  • +38 (056) 732-4242

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